Paper & Pulp

As a supplier and distributor of Paper & Pulp chemicals, SMC has established long-standing partnerships with manufacturers of products with applications and uses in the Paper & Pulp chemicals industry. Our strong worldwide network establishes SMC as a premier supplier for Paper & Pulp chemical products around the world.

We source reliably high quality components and have the expertise and diligence to reliably and efficiently service our customers. 

SMC always ensures our supply of products meet the highest standards in production, quality, safety and service.

PAPER & PULP CITRIC ACID MONOHYDRATE 5949-29-1 C6H10O8 25 / 50  KG NA Get Quote!
  CITRIC ACID ANHYDROUS 77-92-9 C6H8O7 25 / 50  KG NA Get Quote!
  SODIUM PERBORATE MONOHYDRATE 10332-33-9 NA 50 KG SPB, PBS, Perborate Salt Get Quote!
  SODIUM PERBORATE TETRAHYDRATE 10486-00-7 NaBO3ánH2O 50 KG SPB, PBS, Perborate Salt Get Quote!
  SULFAMIC ACID 5329-14-6 H3NSO3 50 KG Sulphamidic Acid, Sulphamic Acid Get Quote!
  HYDRO / SODIUM HYDRO NA NaHS 1 / 50 /100 KG NA Get Quote!
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